Home Improvements

Whether you are just moving in, considering putting your home on the market in the near future or just considering a home improvement project, how do you know which of your plans offer the best return for resale? 

If you are considering a major project or maybe several and wondering how to prioritize because of time or money, call me, and I will visit your home for FREE and we can discuss what current buyers are looking for and offer suggestions and references.


Do's & Don'ts of Home Improvement for Resale

Do:  Install same neutral quality carpet throughout home with a better than average pad to unify and update a home.

Don't:  Use different colors in different rooms. Also consider nylon--softer & lasts longer or the new "Smart Strand or Stain Master" types. Do not put in carpet so cheap you would not select if you were staying in the home.


Do:  Shovel-edge your flower beds and add thick layer of shredded mulch

Don't:  Use white rocks, redwood, stained or large bark that blows around the yard


Do:  Consider solid hardwood floors to improve the look & quality of home

Don't:  Get talked into "Swedish Hardwood" or "Pergo"-its just a picture of wood on hard plastic Formica-like which floats and buckles, lifts and separates over time. Consider the newer vinyl products or ceramic with wood look.


Do:  Consider granite or quartz counters where Corian or solid surface types are not enough of an upgrade

Don't:  Select granite tile or ceramic tile with grout lines on kitchen or bath counters that are harder to wipe clean, cause items to break and tip over


Do: Keep garage doors spiffy with fresh paint or consider the newer carriage door designs

Don't:  Paint garage doors darker than the siding or trim, they should not be focal point


Do:  Try to have bathrooms designed with windows for extra light or "moon" skylights

Don't:  Forget to add bathroom fans that vent through to roof not just into attic as this can create mold over time.


Do:  Consider using the new "green" light bulbs which are instant on, soft warm white and properly dispose at ACE

Don't:  Use the slow to brighten or too blue or too white, these make home show dark and sad or too unnatural.  Strive for a natural sun light look.


Do: Consider vinyl flooring in baths, laundry, basement with convincing matte finish hardwood, slate or stone pattern with real looking grout lines. These floors can offer warmth and cushion.

Don't:  Choose super shiny, cheap sheet goods with the high wax look our grandmothers wanted as they also yellow over time from the oils from asphalt on our shoes.


Do:  Mix up your kitchen cabinet hardware with knobs, pulls, grips, horizontal and vertical bars in the same newer finishes like bronze, wrought iron or brushed nickel

Don't:  Use the same brass knob on every top drawer, upper cabinet, cupboard and pot drawer


Do:  Consider a new drum light, vintage chandelier with new shades or statement drop lights

Don't:  Just live with the standard white cloud light fixtures installed by most builders in too many kitchens, breakfast areas and laundry rooms


Do:  Update kitchen cabinets with varied heights, heavy crown, mix of drawers, open shelves, glass front doors, slide out drawers & niches and possible mix of color-- light uppers and maybe darker island wrapped in bead board or paneling.

Don't:  Use same color wood and only cabinets doors top and bottom throughout your kitchen.

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