Caring for Your Corian Counters

You might be very surprised to learn that water must be wiped off Corian counters immediately and no wax products or window cleaning sprays are to be used. That may explain some of the shine that occurs in some spots and matte finish in others.  Most websites, especially the Corian site, preferred soap and water and quick, full towel dry. Use an ammonia based cleaner if needed.

Next step for a more thorough cleaning was to use Soft Scrub and the special dark green sponges (ScotchBrite?) to rid of any film/shine build up. DO NOT mix ammonia and bleach products. Soft Scrub in general is good on all counters-even bathrooms but needs to be rinsed and dried with soft cloth. Ajax/Comet and a ScotchBrite in small gentle circles may also remove scratches. Call Corian first or check out their website.  Do not place any hot items directly on counters. Some small burns can be buffed out.

EB 10/18