School Information

Every year my Relocation Department builds a new spreadsheet for high schools in Cook & Lake County after sorting through the stats on the Illinois State Board of Education website by District,  Town, School Name, Website, PSAE%, Reading, Math, ACT & enrollment.

Most buyers focus on communities closest to their employer or family to avoid commuting and try for those with the best schools. Many are concerned with the SAT or ACT scores. But many schools here do not post SAT scores- might be a west coast thing. Some parents think a few of our schools are just too big. Gurnee/Warren is actually two, two-year campuses located a few miles from each other, so all the kids are not together under one roof, while Grayslake has two separate four year schools, like Zion.

You may not be aware that Highland Park and Deerfield share the same school district- Dist 113...which usually means- same goals, philosophy, curriculum, budget...but two different towns and two different schools. Just like Vernon Hills & Libertyville-Dist 128 and  Lakes & Antioch -Dist 117.

The better the high school, the higher the desirability for homes in that community and the higher the sales price. Even for buyers without kids. Being closer to Lake Michigan, or the tollway, or Chicago, or the airport, or a cute historic downtown can also be desirable. Some homes with a Libertyville address may be so far north they actually attend Gurnee/Warren High School. We can sort listings any way you want once you know which schools or towns you want.

If you are interested in this super convenient format, please call me and I will forward an e-mail of the high school summary spreadsheet for Lake &/or Cook County.

Try my cell 847-814-7895