Whether you are moving in or moving out, this is a great opportunity to clear the clutter from your house and life. While you are sorting, organizing and packing--get rid of anything that you do not want, will never use or wear again or items with bad memories. Get a "feel good" boost from donating items that someone else might be able to use, especially in today's economy. Toss anything broken or so worn you would be too embarrassed to hand to someone.  If you have the time and patience you can consider resale shops, garage sales, Craig's List & E-Bay to sell some of your stuff but that process may stall your progress.

If you have the space in the basement, garage or empty bedroom, you can start piles for everything to sell separate from items to donate. The garage floor with a tarp works well for donated items so you do not have to move everything a second time. The truck for Purple Hearts or American Vets can just back up to your home and load.  It will also be easier for you if you decide to load the back of your car and make a delivery to Salvation Army or Goodwill. All you need are some boxes and big, heavy duty trash bags. I love laundry baskets for sorting. You can see whats inside and they are easy to carry. Just tackle a room at a time or just books or sporting goods or winter coats. Give yourself small projects so the process does not become overwhelming.

Sort your trash as well. See the next page on "Responsible Trash".  Separate trash from recycle, electronics and chemical waste. We have year-round sites in Lake County for convenient drop off.  


EB 11/09